Launch Party and Book Signing

What a time of celebration! The book was released on June 4th. Within a day, it reached the Number One Best Seller list in 2 categories, then quickly a third, then a fourth category. And, on Saturday, June 8th there were almost 1800 downloads that day - which moved it to the Number One Bestseller position in ALL Kindle Free ebook downloads. What a rush as the 5 day Free Promotion surpassed my wildest expectations!

On June 15, we celebrated the launch of Rescue 12 Responding. Family and friends joined me at my home. Lissa, my roommate and dear friend, created a very cool food presentation.  There was the normal vegetable and fruit trays. She also let the novel lead her choices:

  1. Devil on horseback. Date stuffed with cream cheese and wrapped in bacon. It was really a surprising tasty treat.

  2. If you read the story, you will remember David and the bologna. So, to honor that, she had small chunks of bologna and cheese held by toothpicks. (very funny)

  3. Angel Hair Pasta Salad

  4. Devil Food Cake

  5. Strawberry Heaven

  6. In honor of Jonathan, there were Cuban sandwiches. Jonathan would have been pleased!

It was so much fun to see her thoughtful consideration of the elements of demons and angels and David and Jonathan in her choices. I am easily entertained, and this thoughtfulness was definitely appreciated!

There was a Slide presentation that ran in a loop that showed the reviews that have come in over these first few days and pictures of my peers, and emergency scenes that were ran on back when I worked the streets as a paramedic.  How fun it was to point out Joshua, and other friends that were mentioned in the book. To hear how much he loved the story will always be a treasure. I have included a couple of the pictures from the slide show.

Sunday, June 16, we drove up to Payson and had a book signing event at Church for the Nations in Payson. In the novel, there is a wonderful pastor, Tim McDonald. Well, he happens to be the pastor at CFTN - Payson. It was wonderful to honor my friend in my story. And, it was an honor that he allowed me to share my novel with the church family there. It seems perfect that this would be the place of my first book signing event.

My son, Matthew had flown into town to be with me during these days of celebration.  In just under 2 weeks there has been over 4000 copies of my book downloaded or purchased in paperback form. I am in a state of shock and awe! I am so grateful, so amazed and so hopeful for what lays ahead for the novel. The reviews are bringing me to tears of joy as I see how much folks are liking the story!

Thanks to each of you who are sharing your reaction to this story. The reviews, texts, and calls have been so awesome! I am so very very grateful to each of you who have shared your reaction!

If you want to help this book continue to be discovered by others, please consider if you know of any place I can set up a book signing opportunity, or book club or any other avenue. I am committed to get this book out there. It is more than a story for me, it is a message that I want to share with as many people as possible.

Let me know if you have a suggestion for locations or folks I can share this book with. I would like to thank Karen for setting up an opportunity for a book club meeting in July and Bob Moore for the invitation for a book signing in Tampa in September. It will be great to get back to Tampa. I hope to catch up with lots of ol’ friends!

I am waiting to see what doors open up!

Rescue 12 was for years referred to as ALS 570. Here I am standing in front of my ambulance, just a few years before this novel was written!

Rescue 12 was for years referred to as ALS 570. Here I am standing in front of my ambulance, just a few years before this novel was written!

Tim and Stephanie McDonald at CFTN Payson . Thanks for the opportunity to share the Joy of this Novel with others!!!

Tim and Stephanie McDonald at CFTN Payson . Thanks for the opportunity to share the Joy of this Novel with others!!!

Matt is the Greatest Son Ever!!! Thanks for your support!!!!

Matt is the Greatest Son Ever!!! Thanks for your support!!!!

Audiobook is in production!

Yesterday, we began the process of producing the audio book. Charles Fowler will be narrating. I found him on the freelance site Fiverr. It was quite the process to listen to so many voice actors and narrators. Each person had an audio clip to listen to. I sat there imagining their voices reading this book that has become so alive in my mind’s ear. Now, the contract is signed through Audible for the audio-book production. The eBook is uploaded onto Amazon and can be pre-ordered. Go check it out - I am now an official author! Very cool!

When scanning through the thumbnail photos of the potential narrators, I was stopped suddenly when I saw Charles’s photo. He looks just like I have always imagined Jonathan to look like. In my novel, Jonathan is an attractive paramedic who works on Rescue 12. I listened to his sample, as well as a few others. When he read the sample - my heart raced. It was like I was hearing Jonathan himself.

Sounds weird. But, those who know me, know I can be weird sometimes… SMILES. I hope this book does so well that one day it will be made into a movie. And, on that day - I hope Charles auditions for the role of Jonathan. I like to dream big dreams. And, I am living in the land of big dreams right now - so I thought I would share the joy.

I have postponed the book launch on Amazon until June 4th. That way, eBook (English and Spanish), paperback and Audio book will all be available. I can tell Charles will create an amazing narration! And, my friend Anna will be translating the book into Spanish. So let your Spanish speaking friends know. I have prepared a way for them to enjoy this story as well.

Launching my book on May 28th!

3D cover (1).jpg

A week ago, we posted the manuscript for the book on the website

Much to my joy and surprise, almost 90 people have downloaded this PDF and I am starting to get feedback.

Carol Bock was the first to complete it. She told me she read it through the night. I really appreciated the few grammar corrections she picked up. She also allowed us to post her review on the website.

Later, in the story, there is a young rookie named Joshua. The story is fictional but Josh was indeed a rookie I had the privilege of working with. Now, he is a captain and hearing from him and his enjoyment of my book was priceless.

Others have also contacted me and we have swapped stories and laughed . In all ways, this book is a joy and far exceeding my expectations!

We are going to host a launch party on May 28th. Food, prizes and of course, I intend on having the paperback books there for signing.

Would you like to come? It is a time to celebrate and enjoy the reward of working through the process to get this book launched. Let me know. And, let me know you are reading the book. Your feedback is more treasured than I can say.

Blessings to you!